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MA'A* ?

Both an Artistic Network and a Sales Platform, MY AGEND'ART* reinvents your interactions with exceptional Artists, the influencers of tomorrow.

  • Discover the world of prestigious Artists,
  • Spot Tomorrow’s Talents,
  • Sell and Order Works of Art Online,
  • Buy and Collect Marvellous Creations,
  • Share your personal Wishlists,
  • Discuss the Contemporary Art News.

The web and mobile MA’A* software has been developed by our Art Market Digital Innovations team. Our very first project, an online Generator of Mobile Applications, was a success in France throughout 2015.


Published by the MA'A* team since 2016, this web-magazine is a bilingual editorial platform representing a new destination of Art discoverers.We broadcast interviews, discoveries, singular inventions, and other Art-related texts. To date, 15,000 monthly readers trust us.

Are you a Creator? Do you want your ideas to be passed on to others? Contact our CULTURAMA service, share your ideas, write an article in the form that suits you. The result and its French translation will be disseminated through our web and mobile platforms.

Jérémy Gobé

Contemporary Artist

Thanks to the whole team for supporting the CORAIL ARTEFACT project!

Jean-Marie Lavallée


I had a wonderful experience with the MA'A* team who got deeply involved with my work. It’s beautiful people like that who transmit energy and hope to artists! Our oxygen... Bravo!!! Thanks to CULTURAMA for its curiosity and advice!

David Ferriol

Radio journalist

A little digital revolution (from France) in the Art market.

Xavier Lavergne


Excellent magazine.

Valéry Grancher


Thank you for your support!

Catherine Gallois

Director of the Denise René Gallery

Thank you for such a good article!

Samuel Gelas

Plastician from Guadeloupe

Thanks to the CULTURAMA team! Nice article on Caribbean artists!

Jeroen Bechtold

Ceramic artist

Art can make friendships for life, that is, intelligent art and artists. Intelligence makes us unite, no matter how different we are from each other.

Sylvain Marcoux

Founder of Marcoux House

Thank you for the trust and participation in your very nice initiative.

Dana Mussa

Dancer & Choreographer Coach

Simply thank you! For the support and encouragement we artists need so much. You are doing an important job, a colossal one, well done!

Cliff Hoodzy


So big is the pleasure of sharing such beautiful moments with, and thanks to, MY AGEND'ART. Fragments engraved forever in time, transcribed before the lens of "Honeymoon". Laughs, anger and doubts making of these moments eternal memories, of which one retains only the sincerity. Thank you, thank you and thank you for your humanity and kindness.


Contemporary Art depends on a very specific market with its own language and codes. That's why MA'A* is at your disposal to guide you with:

  • Creating or managing your upcoming collection,
  • Shopping assistance or personalized advice to guide you towards works of Art that suit your style, taste and budget,
  • Writing investigations on Art to spread your artistic theories,
  • Translations of Art-related research articles between French, English and Russian,
  • Digital stores that facilitate investment in Art. Indeed, in many countries, the tax benefits on the acquisition of Art pieces go as far as the deduction of corporate taxes.

As an intersection between Technology and Art, MA'A* embodies the qualities that value the Artist and contribute to the mission of personal shoppers, curators, and courtiers.


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